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DO/pH Boiler monitoring system


DO/PH Feedwater Monitoring System


Our projects range across a broad range of industries including and not limited to Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Commercial, Chemical and Municipal sites. They include

  • Open Evaporative Cooling Water Treatment Systems (Solid and Liquid Treatments).IMG_1552
  • Closed Cooling Treatment Systems (Conductivity, pH, Corrosion).
  • LTHW Chemical Treatment Systems including filtration.
  • Steam Boiler Chemical Treatment Systems (Solid and Liquid Treatments).
  • Remote Monitoring through mobile gateways.
  • Reverse Osmosis Chemical Treatment Systems (CIP, Anti-scalant and Acid)
  • Domestic water chlorination Treatment Systems.
  • Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Systems.
  • Effluent pH Correction Systems.
  • Effluent Polymer Dosing Make-Down and Dosing Stations.
  • Process Chemical Dosing Systems.