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Are your chemical dosing pumps losing prime? When was the last time your dosing equipment was maintained professionally?

At Irish Fluid Controls, we carry full range of spares for the leading pump manufacturers, including Prominent ™ Seko™ and EMEC™. We offer both onsite and offsite maintenance services. Give us a call to discuss scheduled maintenance of your critical metering equipment now.


Redox Control

Move away from redox control? Now with our full range of Prominent ™ Controllers and chorine detection probes you can accurately measure direct Total/Free/Combined Chlorine on a range of water systems including Swimming Pools, Process and Municipal Water Systems, Cooling Towers and Reverse Osmosis Pre-treatment plants. Give us a call to discuss your application?



Calibration – At Irish Fluid Controls we operate a full after sales calibration service on pH, Conductivity, Free/Total/Combined Chlorine/Bromine, Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorine Dioxide sensors. Give us a call to discuss your requirements today?


Feed Water Economiser

Do you operate a steam boiler system with a feed water economiser? If so you should be monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in the feedwater to reduce risk of pitting corrosion. Give us a call today to discuss your application and feedwater monitoring/control options for operating a safer steam plant?


Critical Systems

Want to review your critical systems while on the go? At Irish Fluid Controls we can provide tailored systems to allow this to happen. View your Purified Water Skid, Steam Boiler, Cooling Tower or swimming Pool from your laptop, Iphone™, Ipad ™ or any other smart device. Give us a call to discuss your application and our solution?