History of the Irish Fluid Controls

IFC was founded in 2014 to serve the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and municipal commercial sectors.

We have worked with most of the major global players in these markets either directly or through third parties. IFC have produced high quality dosing solutions to work in dosing cooling towers, steam boilers and in to industrial processes. We have worked at every step of the journey from water source to discharge to mains drainage and we are proud to have assisted our customers to meet and occasionally surpass their requirements.

Company mission

Our highly efficient, robust, and versatile structure enables progressive growth, skill development, and exceptional quality.

Our services


Our expert consultation and planning team is ready to discuss your project


We employ the latest Solid Works 3D CAD technologies to ensure our clients meet their exact specifications.


We create products that automate and speed up your production processes.


Expert support for industrial, commercial, and residential installations.

Our customers we serve

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